"Sally Clark is a gifted and empathic teacher and facilitator of pre-and perinatal processes, with a natural as well as a trained capacity for keen observation of personal growth process."
-- Ralph Metzner

"Sally Clark is an exceptional teacher of psychological and spiritual process. She knows her material through personal experience and deep study, and facilitates her students with integrity, humor, and powerful wisdom."
--Carolyn Conger, PhD

"Sally Clark is an experienced and skilled psychotherapist with an abundant knowledge of PPN ( pre and peri-natal psychology). She has a heart of gold and is, I believe, a sage and a people-whisperer. She listens deeply, and understands in a way that is healing."
--William Emerson, Ph.D

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

I am blessed with the ability to connect with children at a deep, soul level.

As a psychotherapist I have had success working with children on the autistic spectrum. Stanley Greenspan developed a program that he called Floortime that works on expression and spontaneous thinking.

In essence that is what I do in therapy. I follow the child's play while including activities that move toward a greater connection with his/her parents and the outside world. Parents are amazed at the deep symbolic nature of their child's play and the creativity that flows from it.

As I follow their floor play, I focus on any early issues that may contribute to their present condition including pre-birth and after-birth influences. If I identify issues, I work with those issues by telling them their stories and by creating play situations where the children can gradually negotiate and achieve strength and mastery over the situations that affected the flow of their life force. I encourage parents to begin this therapy with their children as soon as possible, even when their children are two or three.

I also work with parents to set up behavior plans as needed and to resolve feeling about being parents of children with special needs.

I can be reached at 650-969-3003 or 510-549-9401. Because I am a licensed therapist, some insurance companies pay for a portion of my fee.