"Sally Clark is a gifted and empathic teacher and facilitator of pre-and perinatal processes, with a natural as well as a trained capacity for keen observation of personal growth process."
-- Ralph Metzner

"Sally Clark is an exceptional teacher of psychological and spiritual process. She knows her material through personal experience and deep study, and facilitates her students with integrity, humor, and powerful wisdom."
--Carolyn Conger, PhD

"Sally Clark is an experienced and skilled psychotherapist with an abundant knowledge of PPN ( pre and peri-natal psychology). She has a heart of gold and is, I believe, a sage and a people-whisperer. She listens deeply, and understands in a way that is healing."
--William Emerson, Ph.D


I assist clients in emerging from a limited life perspective into a richer deeper exciting place of possibility.

I don't see clients as flawed beings, but as having their life force blocked through limiting personal and family beliefs which were created through personal and historical events and trauma.

I use my intuition and the knowledge and insights of the client to identify these obstructions and began to open the space around them, which will allow a greater flow of ones life energy.

An effective way to approach a variety of life challenges is through a focus on creative unfoldment. The objective is to remove obstructions in order to allow the free flow of life energy.

Clients who engage in work focused on creativity achieve a more successful life with deeper human connection, greater joy, and increased prosperity.

I consider myself an eclectic therapist. I have many methods I use to lead people into a greater connection with themselves. When I work with clients I wait to see what modalities will reveal and facilitate a deepening. Dream work is one that I utilize frequently. I agreed with Freud, who said dreams are the royal road to the unconscious. As the unconscious is revealed, shifts and movements occur.

Another method I have been trained in is EMDR (eye movement, desensitization, and reprocessing), which is a method that allows for faster movement through events that created disturbances. EFT (emotional field therapy) is another modality that works with the body's subtle energies, using tapping to alter one's physiological and psychological responses to events.

I use visualizations, art, light trance work, and sandplay in order to facilitate deeper entrances into memories, creating openings to more places of choice and manifestations.