"Sally Clark is a gifted and empathic teacher and facilitator of pre-and perinatal processes, with a natural as well as a trained capacity for keen observation of personal growth process."
-- Ralph Metzner

"Sally Clark is an exceptional teacher of psychological and spiritual process. She knows her material through personal experience and deep study, and facilitates her students with integrity, humor, and powerful wisdom."
--Carolyn Conger, PhD

"Sally Clark is an experienced and skilled psychotherapist with an abundant knowledge of PPN ( pre and peri-natal psychology). She has a heart of gold and is, I believe, a sage and a people-whisperer. She listens deeply, and understands in a way that is healing."
--William Emerson, Ph.D

Loss of a twin

My name is Gerald and I survived an abortion attempt; my brother was aborted but I was able to hide.

I don't know how I survived but I became good at hiding.

There was a relief in surviving but an emptiness ensued of something being missed in my life. There is a deep, dark hole resulting from my sibling's being gone. I miss him so much.

Sometimes when I was little I could see him with me and I could talk to him. I shared all my secrets but then I seemed to grow older but he didn't.

Sometimes I still feel his presence, though not as strongly as when I was younger. I pick friends who remind me of him, but no one can ever fill that space. The loss of the twin towers had a huge impact on me. I was so emotionally distraught that I couldn't play for days.

Therapeutic vision

Loss of a twin has multiple levels of impact. Through deep grieving and supportive therapy, integration occurs.