"Sally Clark is a gifted and empathic teacher and facilitator of pre-and perinatal processes, with a natural as well as a trained capacity for keen observation of personal growth process."
-- Ralph Metzner

"Sally Clark is an exceptional teacher of psychological and spiritual process. She knows her material through personal experience and deep study, and facilitates her students with integrity, humor, and powerful wisdom."
--Carolyn Conger, PhD

"Sally Clark is an experienced and skilled psychotherapist with an abundant knowledge of PPN ( pre and peri-natal psychology). She has a heart of gold and is, I believe, a sage and a people-whisperer. She listens deeply, and understands in a way that is healing."
--William Emerson, Ph.D


    With one silent laugh
    You tilted the night
    And the garden ran with stars.


I have been an explorer in consciousness throughout this lifetime. Even as a child I asked the difficult questions and was very curious as to the nature of consciousness. I hold a master's degree in transpersonal psychology from JFK University and am a licensed marriage and family therapist who works with children and adults helping them to discover the mystery of their life and open their doors to possibility. I am certified in Spiritual Emergence Syndromes. My interest in non-ordinary states has led me to South America where I studied with shamans in Brazil and Peru. I have lived cross-culturally in Japan and Micronesia, and I traveled on a Fulbright grant to China.

In working with clients I find I am very comfortable with whatever altered state they explore. I sit with them from an open, curious space. Many clients tell me that this is the first time they have talked about these transpersonal experiences. I see a look of relief on their faces when they realize that I can follow them and hold them in a safe place as they share.